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CORGI HomePlan provides home emergency cover to customers across the UK. We’ve grown to become the third, most trusted boiler and home emergency provider in the UK, currently providing our services to more than 165,000 customers.

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Interested in becoming part of the CORGI HomePlan Trade Network and joining a community of likeminded, trusted professionals?

A nationwide network of approved engineers

About our Trade Network

A nationwide network of approved engineers

Our Trade Network is a 4,000+ strong community of independent trade professionals who provide boiler, electrical, plumbing, drainage and home emergency repairs to our customers across the whole of the UK.


Being part of our network includes a host of benefits

icon Free Network
Free Network

There are no joining fees or ongoing subscriptions, and no commission taken on work we provide to you.

icon Local Work
Local Work

We provide regular work within a mileage range that you decide and for gas engineers, there is boiler servicing work available all year round.

icon Invoicing

No hassle with invoicing or job paperwork. All of our invoicing is done on our handy online portal.

icon Fast Payment
Fast Payment

We aim to pay all invoices within 10 working days.

icon Competitive Rates
Competitive Rates

We don’t impose hourly/job rates. Instead, we agree on this upfront with you to ensure you are paid fairly when working with us.

icon Additional Income
Additional Income

If one of our customers needs work carried out which is not part of their insurance policy, you can quote privately for additional work.

icon Grow with us
Grow with us

You can choose to accept a callout or not depending on your schedule and set your availability and working hours on our online portal.

icon Build your reputation
Build your reputation

Being associated with the recognised and trusted CORGI brand adds credibility to your business.

Nationwide Network of approved engineers

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of being in the CORGI HomePlan Trade Network?
Being part of our network includes a host of benefits which include: It’s free – you don’t incur any costs when joining the network or attending any callouts Independence - you remain totally independent and can choose to accept a call-out or not, dependent on your schedule. Flexible working hours - you let us know your availability for work on our online portal. No admin or invoicing – our online portal and job sheets take care of all of that Quids in - payment is fast, within 10 working days New customers - you will have direct relationships with CORGI HomePlan customers and if something is not covered by their policy, you can privately quote for repairs. Security - regular opportunities of additional work, especially during the quieter summer months - annual servicing and ongoing electrical and emergency breakdowns.
How do I join the CORGI HomePlan Trade Network?
It’s easy, but first we need to make sure you're eligible. Check our eligibility criteria here. If your skills match our requirements and you would like to join our network of professional tradesmen, please contact our team on [email protected]. The process involves letting us know about you and your business, what hourly rate you charge and what hours you are prepared to work. Getting registered on to our database usually takes around 7 days. How often will you contact me with jobs? This depends on where you are located in the country and the demand from our customers. In seven short years, we’ve grown to become the third largest boiler and home emergency provider in the UK, currently providing our services to more than 150,000 happy customers - this number is constantly growing, so there is regular work in every region.
How quickly do I need to attend to a customer when a new job comes in?
We ask you to be with the customer within two hours for an emergency (uncontrolled water leak) and within 24 hours for all other callouts. When you confirm a callout we ask that you contact the customer as soon as possible so they know when they can expect you, helping them put their mind at ease, knowing someone is on their way.
Do I get told how many other trade professionals are active in my area and what area I will be expected to cover?
Due to data protection we're not able to share details on other trade professionals. You will be required to cover a radius of 15-30 miles, dependent on your location. This will be discussed and confirmed during your application.
If I turn a job down, will I be knocked down your list?
No, we understand that not everyone will be available for every job that comes in as you are busy running your business. We are not specific about how many jobs you have to accept, we prefer to keep it flexible. To make sure you score isn't affected we ask that you update your availability in the portal, so we will only send you jobs when you're available
Once I accept a job, what are my next steps?
Once you accept a job, we will send you details of the customer and the job requirements. It is then up to you to contact the customer as soon as you can to arrange for a convenient time to visit them. We ask you to be with the customer within two hours for an emergency (uncontrolled water leak) and within 24 hours for all other callouts.
What do I do if a customer needs work carried out that is not covered by their CORGI HomePlan policy?
Currently we don't provide uniforms as our customers know that we use local trade professionals who are contracted to CORGI HomePlan. All we ask is that you are clean and presentable as you would be when visiting any customer.
How quickly will I be paid after I have carried out a CORGI HomePlan callout?
No invoicing is needed for payment. All you need to do is complete your job and it's passed over for payment. We aim to pay within 10 working days of receiving completed job sheet.
If a customer provides any negative feedback about me, do I get a right of reply or am I demoted/removed from your list?
We understand that sometimes negative feedback can be provided, which is out of your control. We always discuss with you any negative comments or feedback we've received from a customer to understand the individual situation.

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